"Define your Limits...

don't let your Limits

define you. 

Believe you are Limitless

and you will be." 

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In order to do something well, you must first BE well, inside and out. 


To be mindful is to be AWARE, without awareness, nothing changes. 


Until you HEAL the wounds of the past you will continue to bleed.


You have to know without a doubt that you can have it ALL, abundance is your birthright.

1:1 Coaching with       

Shamika D. Wallace RN, BSN, CWC 

Are you ready to stop living a boring, basic lifestyle? Do you have dreams and goals that you've placed on the back-burner because you thought there is NO WAY I can make this happen? Well you are in the right place because here at Ladies Living Limitless...we get rid of ALL those "limiting beliefs" so you can make ALL those dreams and goals come true for you! It is NEVER too late, you are NEVER too old, and there is NEVER any time like the present! So Book your FREE "No Limit" Clarity Call with me ASAP, so we can get you on the journey to living Limitless today!

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Ladies Living Limitless offers fun and interactive online challenges, workshops, Live events, and courses throughout the year to help you and other like-minded ambitious and goal-driven women to level up, manifest everything you desire, and create the life of abundance you so deserve and are so worthy of! Subscribe to the email list today so you never miss out! 

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So are you ready to start living without limits...limiting beliefs, limited mindset, limited opportunities and limited abundance?

Join all the other Ladies Living Limitless!


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